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Results after one year of second hand !
Making fashion as sustainable as possible, and giving a second life to pieces we no longer wear: that's the mission Atelier TUFFERY set itself when it launched Nopli.


amount spent on Seconde Vie during the first year of activity


products sold by customers
on Seconde Vie by  Atelier TUFFERY


of the sellers choose the top-up voucher as payment method

8.5 millions

liters of water saved
thanks to the service


montant dépensé sur le site
Seconde Vie la première année


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d'Atelier TUFFERY sur Seconde Vie


of the sellers choose the top-up voucher as payment method

8.5 millions

liters of water saved thanks to the second hand service

Context :

Atelier TUFFERY is a denim brand made in France. Founded in the Cévennes in 1892, it is now run by Myriam and Julien Tuffery, who represent the 4th generation at the head of the family business.

Under their management, sales have risen from €200K to €4.5M in 5 years. And this, with 70% of sales made online.

How? By modernizing sustainable textile chains, with production exclusively localized in France and cross-channel distribution, mainly focused on digital and complemented by two directly-operated boutiques, 100% controlled by the brand.

But also by listening to new expectations - and a growing demand for sustainable products and an authentic circular approach.

Objectives :


For Atelier TUFFERY, circularity is a testament to the trust that customers can have in their clothing. For over 130 years, the brand has strived to design durable products of such quality that they can be resold, repaired, or exchanged.Therefore, second-hand was an obvious choice both to retain existing customers and to make durable, made-in-France products accessible to a larger audience.


Atelier TUFFERY, as a manufacturing brand, chooses to produce as close to demand as possible. Thanks to great responsiveness and efficient internal organization, this just-in-time production helps avoid overstock and waste, thereby contributing to its environmental responsibility.

However, some products may have slight defects, be prototypes, or have been damaged for various reasons, preventing them from being sold through the usual channels. Second-hand allows Atelier TUFFERY to valorize these initially unsellable pieces without harming the brand's image. Thus, no waste is generated, as these items find a new life while maintaining control over the price.


Second-hand is emerging as a new mode of consumption, with Vinted being the leading e-commerce site in France. Atelier TUFFERY's customers were looking for a way to resell and buy second-hand products from the brand with confidence.At the same time, the ever-increasing volumes on Vinted pushed them to seek a white-label second-hand solution. Second-hand represents above all an opportunity to make new sales while controlling their brand image.

The implemented solution :

As producers, Atelier TUFFERY was looking for a solution that would allow both customers to resell their products and the brand to sell products with slight production defects.

We implemented a solution that connects directly to the brand's logistics systems, enabling a quick launch without technical integration or effort on the part of Atelier TUFFERY.

Within a few days, the second-hand section was live on the Atelier TUFFERY website, and the first sales started coming in, with operations being 100% managed by Nopli.
"Nopli allowed us to launch our second-hand offer efficiently, simply, and profitably, without adding to the daily workload of our teams. Today, second-hand, alongside repair, is at the heart of our strategy! Extending the life of a garment and making it accessible to as many people as possible is crucial for us. Having our own site to directly offer second-choice products has been a true digital extension of our annual sales events."
Myriam Tuffery, General Manager