A secondhand site with Nopli, how does it work ?
Are you determined to launch your second-hand website?
Discover our best-in-class solution, designed for you.
Nopli is made for you if...
  • You sell online, on your website
  • Your brand aligns with sustainability
  • You're looking for a simple and profitable second-hand solution
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A second-hand site with Nopli: how much does it cost ?
Launch into the second-hand market effortlessly.
We only charge a fee when a sale is successfully completed.
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Deployment fees calculated based on product catalog size, and the number of languages.
Domain hosting, provision of a back office, customer service.

Success based business model
Emails, support, payments, day-to-day, shipping, transports

Your all-in-one an turnkey solution for your second hand offer

Nopli creates for you a CtoC secondhand marketplace. We then manage all the technical and operational parts. We also support you to make your offer a major success !


Des frais de set-up adaptés à vos besoins

Your white-labeled platform

Your website adapts to your brand image. Customers have a best-in-class experience.
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Full operations management

Nopli manages all the complexity of a resale activity : transport, payments...
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Your second hand copilot

Nopli support you to make your resale offer a major success.
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Solution for your grey stocks

You can sel directly grey stock products on your resale platform.
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Une rémunération au succès en fonction du volume d'affaire

0€ to 500€ GMV

calculé mensuellement


facturation minimum
Gestion des opérations
Gestion du service client
Gestion du paiement
Modération des annonces
Maintenance et hébergement

500€ to 10k€ GMV

calculé mensuellement


Gestion des opérations
Gestion du service client
Gestion du paiement
Modération des annonces
Maintenance et hébergement

> 10k€ GMV

calculé mensuellement


Gestion des opérations
Gestion du service client
Gestion du paiement
Modération des annonces
Maintenance et hébergement
Compare the available solutions to launch your second-hand offer.
Nopli is made for online brands seeking a turnkey solution to create their circularity offering.
Buyback-Refurbish-Resale CtoBtoC
White labeled marketplace CtoC
You control the products, which go through a warehouse
Products are exchanged from consumer to consumer
Sellers benefits
Sellers are selling back their products at a very low price, paid with vouchers
Sellers are maximizing their products value, and chose their payment method
Buyers benefits
Buyers indirectly pay for product reconditioning
Buyers pay for their products at a fair price, with a similar experience to new
Implementation time
Launching your offering takes time as everything is customized
Plug-and-play implementation is done in less than a week
Profitability for brands
Reconditioning involves costs, profitability is possible only for luxury products
Your second-hand offering is profitable from the first sale
A word about the founders.
a propos
Nopli was born in alignment with our values. We wanted to assist brands already committed to sustainability in launching their second-hand ventures without risks or hassle.
Max is the CEO and co-founder of Nopli. A data expert, he crossed paths with Vincent at Cubyn, a startup specializing in e-commerce logistics.
Vincent is the COO and co-founder. He oversees the product design and development, as well as the implementation of the second-hand service offered to brands.
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